Ever caught yourself in that classic evening struggle? You make a promise to yourself – “I’m going to cook more and save money!” But then 5pm hits, and suddenly, panic and stress sets in.

Ever caught yourself in that classic evening struggle? You make a promise to yourself – “I’m going to cook more and save money!” But then 5pm hits, and suddenly, panic and stress sets in.

You open the fridge and stare at its contents, hoping for inspiration. What do you find? A lonely carrot and a bundle of celery, leftovers from last week’s cooking experiment from that one recipe you stumbled upon on Instagram. But in the midst of this veggie duo, there’s a whole squad of mismatched condiments, the kind you’d rather not pair with your meal tonight.

Isn’t it funny how the fridge can be packed with everything you don’t need and nothing that you want at the same time?

And just like that, it’s 6 PM, and you’re thinking, “Well, I guess it’s takeout time…again.”

Yup, I’ve been there too.

Here’s what I initially believed was the solution: mastering a wide array of cuisines. With enough recipes and experience in cooking, I figured I could always whip up something tasty with whatever’s in my fridge and pantry, right?


Why meal plans?

Cooking with leftovers only works if you’ve got the right ingredients. I didn’t always have a fully stocked kitchen. After a long day at work and a tiring commute, I was mentally exhausted. Dreaming of cooking up a warm and delicious meal on a Tuesday night became just that – a dream. Eating out was a lot more appealing than making a grocery list and heading to the store. But that eventually took a huge toll on my wallet.

As a food lover who believes every meal should be delicious, I faced a dilemma. I either needed a much deeper wallet to sustain my restaurant expenditures or had to find a way to make consistent home cooking a reality.

That’s when I realized the cooking skills and 30-minute recipes I’ve accumulated over the years weren’t the solution. What I needed was a plan.

So, I scoured the internet for meal kits, meal plans, and meal prep ideas. Some seemed promising, but most fell short. This was what I discovered:

That’s when it hit me – I could keep searching for a solution or create one myself.

Here, I’m all about testing, translating, and crafting the best dishes into meal plans that are doable even on your busiest weeknights.

My inspiration stems from personal kitchen challenges, juggling a full-time job or school, and sometimes even parenting, all while yearning for the flavors of my childhood and the culinary discoveries I’ve encountered in restaurants (spanning from the Bay Area to Los Angeles).

See, I am somewhat of a nomad, and once I’ve tried something, I want to recreate that memory…without creating a bunch of waste in the kitchen.

What sets MPM’s meal plans apart?

Well, aside from my passion for Asian cuisine, I’m all about helping you become an efficient home cook. That means saving you time, money, and helping you eat better.

  • Efficiency Matters: I handpick recipes that pair well together, so you can make more meals with fewer ingredients. Plus, I provide pantry and shopping lists, so you can shop smart and trim the excess.
  • Flexible Modules: My meal plans are designed with flexibility in mind. Choose from 2-day, 3-day, or 5-day modules. After all, cooking every single day isn’t always feasible or desired. Mix and match as you please – perhaps a 5-day module for those days when you’re in the mood to cook and a 2-day module for your dining-out adventures with friends. Or combine them to get a week’s worth of meals. You’re in control.
  • Modern Cooking Techniques: I’ve adapted many recipes for the Instant Pot and air fryer to slash active cook times. You can whip up deliciousness without being shackled to the stove. (Yes, you can even sneak in a Zoom meeting while your stew cooks.)
  • Streamlined Prep: All plans are crafted to simplify your prep experience. If you need minced garlic for multiple meals, why not do it all at once? Got to use the same teaspoon for soy sauce and cornstarch? I’ve got you covered – we’ll measure the dry ingredients first so you can skip the in-between washings.
  • Stay Ahead in the Kitchen: I provide a high-level summary for the next day’s prep. Ever started a recipe only to realize you should’ve soaked your beans or dried shiitake mushrooms the night before? Consider it sorted. No more last-minute kitchen surprises.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself facing the same cooking challenges, don’t worry. I’m here to help you bring back the joy of cooking without the stress.

Now that you read this far, please join me on this tasty journey, and let’s savor “more taste, less waste” in every bite! ;)

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