More Taste, Less Waste

Easy-to-use meal plans that keep your taste buds and wallet happy

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Hi, I’m Ariel!

As a foodie, I have a simple philosophy: why should amazing food be reserved for weekends alone? I am all about making every meal as delicious as can be because, let’s face it, we only have so many meals in this lifetime. But amidst the chaos of full-time jobs and family responsibilities, putting delicious food on the table every day can be challenging — an experience I’m all too familiar with.

That’s why I created Meal Plan Maniac. My mission? To take the stress out of cooking with easy-to-use meal plans so you can enjoy mouthwatering recipes any day of the week. Yes, even busy weeknights!

Now that you’re here, join me on this tasty journey, and let’s savor “more taste, less waste” in every bite!

What You Get

Meal Plans With variety

I put together a set of tried and true recipes that play off one another so you can have variety with the same ingredients. No more having to eat the same thing on repeat!

Complete Shopping Lists

I curate lists with all the ingredients needed for the meal plan recipes so you can get everything in one trip with a quick in-and-out shopping experience.

Save Time and Food Waste

I provide meal prep tips that will help cut down active time in the kitchen. I also provide recipe suggestions and storing tips for situations where leftovers are unavoidable.

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Ready for stress-free cooking?

If you…

  • don’t want to think about “What’s for dinner?” after work
  • enjoy Asian and fusion cuisine
  • want to stop grocery waste and save money
  • want to control the quality of your food source and ingredients
  • want to cut down on cook and prep times

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